The shore line is one of the most dynamic places on the planet - where the land meets the sea, where development meets nature and where we see the immediate impacts of rising seas.
People have always been drawn to the shore - to make a living, to establish global trade routes, or in search of surf, sand and sun. Our coasts are home to half the world’s population and millions of sea creatures. Yet despite our reliance on the shore, we have failed to protect it. The growth of exclusive waterfront properties and industrial waste are threatening the ecosystems that shield us from storms and rising seas.
More than ever, we need to re-think the relationship between development and conservation, between humans and ecosystems, and consider how as a global community we can better protect our largest shared resource, the sea. Who will determine the future of our shorelines? Meet organizers, architects, artists and biologists who are responding with innovation to the drastic changes taking place on our shores.